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Take care of children's healthy sleep, optimize WM Life Technology intelligent Smart Foam Matterss

Feb 03, 2023

The soft and hard degree of children's mattresses has a very important impact on children's healthy development. In childhood, children spend more time in bed than in activities, and this is a period of significant development of children's physical functions in all aspects, especially the children's muscles and bones are very weak. If the mattress is not suitable or strong, it will directly affect the children's spine health and sleep quality.

If you want your baby to have a healthy development and maintain a beautiful head shape, parents should try to avoid letting your baby use pillows and mattresses with strong pressure. This is because most babies are used to sleeping in one direction, and the weight of the head will exert pressure on the part of the skull that contacts the bed surface, causing this part of the skull to gradually sink, and finally form a slanted or flat head. But if the pillow and mattress do not oppress the baby, this problem can be avoided.

WM Life Technology intelligent children's mattress is designed by two layers, which can be folded as a mattress. Adopt zero rebound smart foam as the close covering layer and high-density foam as the bottom support layer, which can protect the spine health in all directions. And this children's mattress can also be used as a crawling pad after being opened, and the bottom is made of waterproof materials.

"I didn't pay attention to my baby's sleeping posture before. When I washed my baby's hair again, I found that the back of the head was flat, so I rushed to the hospital to ask. Only then did I know that the baby was caused by sleeping on too hard pillows and mattresses. Since then, I have selected suitable mattresses and pillows for my baby in the children's home market. Fortunately, I got to know WM Life Technology intelligent smart foam matterss, so that my baby's head gradually It has been restored. " Ms. Zhao from Hangzhou said that in the future, dear mothers must also spend more time on choosing and buying baby's mattresses and pillows.

Therefore, we should adhere to the principle of moderation in mattresses and pillows for children. A set of high-quality mattresses should be composed of soft upper and lower layers and solid, firm and elastic middle layers. On the one hand, the middle layer can provide the necessary support for the child's body, while on the other hand, the pressure generated by its weight can be transferred to the soft lower layer to support the child's body without causing spinal deformity. At the same time, the mattress material must be environmentally friendly and healthy. It is very necessary to choose a child mattress of skin-friendly material.

In addition, we should remind you that too soft mattresses will make children's spine bend when they lie on them, and they will feel backache in the short term. For a long time, it will also cause the middle part of the body to sag, the upper part of the body muscle to relax, and the lower part of the body muscle to be tightened, which is easy to cause lumbar muscle and bone strain, and even cause the spine to bend or twist! If children in the growth stage sleep in soft beds for a long time, it will affect the development of their spine, resulting in hunchback and spine bending and deformation!