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WM Life Technology e+intelligent smart foam mattress opens healthy sleep and correct posture

Feb 03, 2023

People spend quite a long time in sleep in their life. The quality of sleeping posture will directly affect a person's health and happiness. Research has found that 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some stage, and sleeping posture often causes or aggravates their back pain.

Therefore, in order to help more sleepers create high-quality sleep and improve the sleep health problems caused by poor sleeping posture, WM Life Technology has successfully developed new mattress products based on aerospace technology and human body bionics through two internationally leading core technologies: zero rebound intelligent smart foam technology and 3SH active intelligent feedback technology, and has successively launched constant state intelligent smart foam mattress and e+intelligent smart foam mattress on the market, Greatly improve the health level of daily life.

WM Life Technology entered the memory smart foam health home furnishing industry in 2007, always adhering to the spirit of innovation and enterprising. After years of research and development accumulation on the existing basis of the industry, it successfully independently developed the constant state intelligent smart foam, a new type of pressure-reducing material, in 2014, realizing technical breakthroughs such as low temperature sensitivity, zero rebound and zero compression, and bringing the pressure-reducing soft home furnishing materials into a new era. The mattress made of this high-tech material can make our body not produce any sense of oppression when we sleep, and enter sleep in a completely relaxed state.

However, the e+smart foam developed later is a higher level than the constant smart foam. It not only has the characteristics of smart foam, such as fine texture, zero rebound, soft and slow rebound, and deformation, but also helps people quickly enter deep sleep and shape a perfect body. In addition, it can efficiently convert different forms of heat energy absorbed by organisms into light energy for human use, thus stimulating cell molecular activity, rapidly improving microcirculation and blood circulation, helping to restore the function of human tissues, improve self immunity, enhance self repair ability, and beautify the body.

Therefore, regardless of your sleeping posture, WM Life Technology e+intelligent smart foam mattress can correct your bad sleeping posture, help you release sleep pressure and effectively improve sleep quality.

At the same time, in order to achieve a completely stress-free sleep, WM Technology also gives full play to the spirit of craftsmanship, fully considers the differences of the human body, and designs a mattress with graded adjustment of soft and hard, which perfectly supports the body with the soft and hard that conforms to the body mechanics, allowing people to quickly enter deep sleep, and making the body float like a cloud. Sleepers can relax and just give their body to the mattress