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WM sleep technology: bring health home with innovation

Feb 03, 2023

After the ZTE sanctions, Huawei 5G standard voting and other events, the Chinese people's attention to the independent research and development of science and technology has been greatly improved. Many technology companies have also learned a lesson, and all of them take innovative technology as the foundation of their lives.

Although the independent research and development of science and technology is a long way to go, and there is still a considerable gap between China and the world's leading countries in many fields, it is foreseeable that we have caught up in some aspects and made some breakthroughs, ranging from aerospace to sleep science and technology, with many independent research and development intellectual property rights. There is no need to say more about the aerospace industry. Sleep technology is also an area in which China has performed well in recent years. In this field, WM sleep technology has to be mentioned.

WM is a technology company specializing in research and development of bioenergy technology and application products and brand operation. Like the pursuit of most technology companies today, WM also started with technology and attaches great importance to the innovation of core technology. The company has effectively integrated domestic and foreign experts and developed a series of high-tech products that are of positive significance to promoting human health and realizing the 2030 strategy of healthy China, such as WM Smartt Foam Mattress, Baby/Kids Pillow, Hen-Tec Tea Pillow, etc., with the purpose of "making the world sleep well and making the world less painful". At present, WM mainly owns two internationally leading core technologies: zero rebound smart foam technology and 3SH active smart feedback technology.

Zero-rebound smart foam technology

This is a new technology that can "sleep out" with the body. Zero-rebound smart foam technology is a high-tech material independently developed and successfully applied for national invention patent by WM Sleep Technology on the basis of aerospace technology and human bionics. This high-tech material has the characteristics of fine texture, warm and cool touch, vertical zero rebound, horizontal zero rebound, soft and slow rebound, and deformation, which can make the body in sleep without any sense of oppression, Go to sleep in a completely relaxed state.

The benefits of this technology are obvious. It does not cause external pressure on the body, maintains the smooth circulation of qi and blood, helps repair the problems of the cervical spine and lumbar spine, and also helps to shape a good S-shaped curve, reduce the body burden caused by pressure, promote deep sleep, and let the body get a whole-hearted rest.

3SH active intelligent feedback technology

This technology and zero rebound smart foam technology complement each other. Good sleep quality is only the first step of sleep. According to WM sleep technology, healthy home is the self-pursuit of sleep technology. 3SH active intelligent feedback technology can efficiently convert different forms of heat energy absorbed by objects into special photon energy. This photon energy can quickly and stereoscopically penetrate deep into the body tissue, make the compounds in the body play a "molecular fine active role", and then promote the metabolism acceleration reaction. The most important thing is that the acceleration reaction does not change the reaction result, so it has a healthy and beneficial effect.

This technology can stimulate the activity of cell molecules, rapidly improve the self-organization ability of organisms, enhance the immunity of the body, rapidly improve the microcirculation and blood circulation, and improve the digestion, absorption and excretion function; It is beneficial to the autonomous balance of human hormones, quickly relieve pain and fatigue, relieve itching and pain, diminish inflammation and swelling, improve muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary endurance, and relax soft tissues. It can also be used for adjuvant treatment of cancer, which has many benefits.

Of course, there is no end to the development of science and technology. The achievements of the present are not equal to the worries of the future. WM Sleep Technology will continue to follow the development path of innovative core technology. The future belongs to WM.